Happy Birthday!!!

I’m not quite sure how 5 years have passed so quickly… but they have.  Five years ago this little girl made us parents and for that I am soo thankful!! I am thankful that God chose me to be her mom.  He could have chosen anyone… but he didn’t.  Kenzie you changed your daddy & my lives in such an amazing way 5 years ago.  You didn’t come into the world as I had “planned” and we have been through a lot the two of us over the last five years but I wouldn’t trade ANY of it because I love you sooo incredibly much.  I didn’t understand a mother’s love until they laid you in my arms on that Tuesday morning.  I have been a believer for almost all of my life and it wasn’t until those first hours of holding you did I understand (even if it was just a glimpse of understanding) how much God loves me.  How much He loves every last one of His children.  You were a gift Kenzie and getting to experience a glimpse of God’s love for me through you was a gift and I am soo incredibly thankful and honored to have been able to have that gift given to me 5 years ago.  Kenzie you are a spit fire.  You are kind, loving, hard headed, LOUD, funny, sooo soo smart, and soo beautiful inside and out!! I have loved watching you this past year!!!  You have become this little girl with big dreams and a big big heart.  I love you my sweet girl and I am so proud of you are!!!  Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

A huge thank you to all of the amazing photographers that have helped capture this little girls five years of life!!! Y’all aren’t just photographers to me, you are each friends and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and your friendships!!  Thank you:  Janine, Aubrey, Alyse, Jamie, Jamie, Trinity, Olivia, Kayla and Megan.

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