A few of my favorite things:

Jesus, documenting life, making memories, writing, reading, dreaming, the beach, traveling, sweet tea, cheerwine, JCREW, guacamole, exercising, netflix, walking, my husband, my girls, my fur babies (daisy & boone), the quiet, sunrises, fall, shopping (from home in my pjs!!), a great red wine blend, sunsets, and time with friends (and if it happens to be over a great meal that's a bonus).

Meet Kendra

Hi!!  Thank you so much for stopping by my online home.  Go ahead and grab your favorite beverage (coffee, wine, water.. whatever it may be), snuggly blanket and stay awhile!!

I'm Kendra, and I am a wedding & portrait photographer located in the upstate of South Carolina.  When we moved to South Carolina we decided that we'd claim both Greenville & Spartanburg, and I'm sticking to that because we don't live in either city, we live outside of each... but we love both!! 

Since I’m not from the upstate people are always asking me where I'm from/where is home for me.  For me it's wherever my husband & two girls are.  I'm sort of a nomad.. I've lived in 5 states and this is my third since Gary & I got married!!  Hopefully we will be here in South Carolina for a LONG, LONG time!! 

I met my husband when I was 14 years old and we were married in the fall of 2007.  So yes, I can say I married my high school sweetheart!!!  We have two fur babies & two beautiful little girls, Kenzie & Kenlee. My family is crazy important to me so don't be surprised if you hear about them!!

I have had a camera in my hand since I was a little girl.  I watched my dad take photos when we traveled growing up and something about watching him made me fall in love with it.  I was never able to save anything because I always spent my allowance or babysitting money on having film developed.  There is something special about opening the mailbox and receiving the prints back, I loved seeing what I had captured weeks ago.... even if it was my friends and I was just being silly!!  My love of photography grew when I took a class in High School where I had the opportunity to actually develop my own images... that class is what did it for me!! I loved photography before that class, but I loved it even more after taking it.

In college, I photographed anything & anyone that would let me!!  My first "real" photography session was taking my sister’s high school senior photos and I knew then that photography was what I wanted to do with my life.  What I didn't know in 2006 was that I'd be where I am today… getting to do what I love!!  For me it's not about just taking pretty pictures.  It's about the friendships & relationships that happen.  It's about loving on my clients & using the gift that God gave me. It's about capturing & freezing moments in time that can't be relived, but they can be looked back on for years and years to come… By generations to come!! Photography is one of my greatest loves and being able to share it with others is something I truly treasure and don't at all take for granted!!

I hope you enjoy looking around!! Feel free to say hello!! I'm looking forward to hearing from you and documenting your memories!!


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